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Campinawe Buyers Appreciate the Sense of Freedom Trailer Provides

Tim and Gena Howard knew they wanted a Campinawe the day they saw one for the first time.

The Campinawe's design prompted the Indiana couple to buy it after visiting several RV dealers and looking at trailers ranging from 20 foot rigs to teardrop versions. The Campinawe is their first travel trailer after years of tent camping.

“It started out just looking for a teardrop or something that we could take off-road. We’re not ones to park in campground with a bunch of campers around. I was looking online at teardrops,” said Tim. “I didn’t like the ones where you had to crawl in and have to lie on the bed.”

Adequate space to step inside and have a place to sit down and relax was a plus. The ability to open the hatch window and enjoy the view and fresh air was also a significant selling point.

“The design is the major selling point for us and the thing we enjoy the most about it,” said Gena.

Not only did they want a spacious camp trailer but also made from sustainable materials. The Atomic Red model was the ideal choice. Each Campinawe is constructed with non-gassing adhesives to prevent chemical pollution, and the panels are made from sustainability-harvested Indonesian hardwood.

“We also liked that they have a real focus on reducing the amount of waste. We haven’t noticed toxic smell or odors off the paneling and mattress like you find from other new campers,” said Gena. The Campinawe’s low-maintenance design and off-road capabilities made it the optimal trailer for them.

Plus, the couple prefers to camp in remote areas away from crowded campsites. When they are not working full-time, they take advantage of breaks in their schedule to load up the trailer and go. They document their adventures on a YouTube channel, Adventures with HEKNBAK, offering dispersed camping tips for others.

Whether staying overnight at Salamonie State Park or Shawnee National Forest, they like the ease of setting up camp quickly so they can get busy exploring the area. And, unlike their rooftop tent camping days that required two days of preparation, now they can take to the road much faster. They recently took the trailer to Hoosier National Forrest for dispersed camping.

“There is much more a sense of freedom for us. When we had the rooftop tent, we had to break down the tent to go. We like to check out breweries and wineries,” said Gena.

When other people question the cost of a Campinawe, they are quick to defend their purchase because of the trailer’s overall quality and the responsive customer service they receive.

“It’s not mass-produced; it’s almost handmade. They take care and they know what they’re doing,” Said Tim

When purchasing their trailer, the Howard’s wanted optional features including an air conditioner, electric brakes, and roof rails added. They chose to mount the full-size spare tire on the side of the trailer to increase the ground clearance.

Owning a Campinawe has given the Howard’s the ability to be closer to nature, unlike an RV’s lavish amenities that would entice them to stay indoors.

“We go camping to go outside. We wanted something that, when we needed it, we could go. But we didn’t want to spend the whole time inside the camper, and we didn’t want to lose that connection to nature that we had in a tent.”

What does the future look like for the nature-seeking Indiana couple? “We’re looking forward to the next few years, and we’re planning more long-distance trips.”

To view the couple’s Campinawe in action and to see behind-the-scenes videos, tune into the Howard’s YouTube channel here.

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1 Comment

May 14, 2023

Just by the immediate attention I've received from you by e-mail I'm starting to understand why they highlight about the customer service! -Asa.

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