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Experience More Value with the Campinawe Sports Trailer

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

The Campinawe sports trailer was built to provide the most value without sacrificing quality materials, weight distribution, or standard amenities to make your next adventure amazing.

Intuitive, Functional Design Makes for a Comfortable Journey

Campinawe’s intuitive design was created with you in mind. We thought of the adventure seeker, the glamper, and road warrior who wanted a reliable, easy-to-use, comfortable teardrop trailer.

We constructed it with superior materials while keeping it at an affordable price point. But we then took it a step further. The Campinawe’s design gives campers access to top-of-the-line amenities that won’t be found in comparable models.

Best in Class Materials

Campinawe far exceeds your teardrop trailer expectations. The paneling was sourced from a naturally self-sustaining forest to avoid using birch wood, which is becoming endangered due to deforestation. That’s something you can feel good about. The precisely cut panels are laminated with Kynar® aluminum on both sides. They stand up to weathering and repel dirt, mildew, and fungus.

The welded and powder coated 7 gauge steel frame, 11 gauge bed surround, and structural fenders distinguish it from other trailers on the market. There’s no chance pesky rodents will be able to damage the trailer from underneath or claim it as their new home.

High Quality Amenities

We want you to experience traveling with a camper in a way that you never have before. Think of Campinawe as your home on wheels with the comforts you won’t want to leave behind.

Campinawe’s convenient features are some of the best in its class. A queen bed is just the place to nap mid-day or rest your head at night. We didn’t skimp on quality either. The gel-infused memory foam mattress was made for a real snooze fest. Close the Sunbrella® blackout shades and it’s lights out. Are you inviting guests along for the journey? Don’t fret about not having enough sleep space. The Rhino-Rack USA roof rail system makes it easy to add a tent.

Additionally, the underbed storage is spacious enough for fishing rods or lawn chairs. With over 58-feet of storage, you never have to leave behind your go-to gear. If you’re not sure where to store pots and pans, use one of the spacious storage cubbies. We also made it easy to prepare a meal by including a Kovea butane cookstove in the camper’s design.

Setting out to explore? There's no need to sit on the bed while lacing up your hiking boots. A fold down chair comes in handy and it allows for more than one person to lounge inside the camper. Don’t forget to grab a cold bottle of water from the complimentary Yeti cooler before heading out on your trek.

Low Maintenance by Design

When you’re ready to park your Campinawe after a road trip, it’s 7-foot height stores comfortably inside a standard garage. Forget paying expensive storage fees every year or having to winterize your rig to park it outdoors. Simply pull it into your climate controlled, secure garage until you’re ready for the next adventure.

The best part? Clean up is painless. The vinyl floor mats can be cleaned with water and any dirt inside or outside the camper wipes off easily. Campinawe owners don’t have to winterize the water system or worry about external electrical wiring. The only required maintenance is to check the hubs and bearings once a year or every 20,000 miles for wear.

The Campinawe sets itself apart from other trailers on the market for its functional, intuitive design and comfortable amenities. Its overall value far exceeds the cost of purchase.

Choose wisely. Choose Campinawe.

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