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How to Prepare for the Ultimate Long-Distance Camping Trip

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Do you feel more alive, perhaps a bit happier when outdoors? When you’re ready to leave work behind and live your best life on a long-distance camping trip, Campinawe makes the journey comfortable. We’ve gone the extra mile to ensure that its amenities and functionality meet your needs.

Hitting the Road

Comfortable outdoor camping starts with the right gear for a cross-country trip. Some of the practical aspects of planning for a vacation on the road include preparing the gear and choosing the route. If you’re planning on towing the Campinawe for several hours a day to the final destination, the towing capabilities make for a smooth ride.

Are you preparing to drive hundreds of miles to a state or national park? Campinawe is the right size fit for nearly every RV or tent camping spot. It’s not like towing a bulking RV with added weight and cumbersome turning radius issues.

Campinawe also makes it possible to go off the beaten path on most terrain. When you spot a choice camping site, claim it and start setting up camp. The dual full-height stabilizer leveling jacks and manual tongue jack ensure the trailer sits level on uneven terrain. Simply park, detach the towing package, and set up camp in minutes. When it’s time to hit the road again, breaking down camp is just as easy.

Pack Less, Enjoy More

A distinguishing feature of Campinawe is that it comes outfitted for comfort with most of the amenities of home. There’s no need to pack an air mattress or tent. And you can forget about packing a camp shower. The 2022 Campinawe Sport Trailer’s gel-infused memory foam mattress comes standard and a privacy tent and shower head attachment for the water system are included.

One of the best parts of camping is cooking outdoors. A collapsible sink with a cutting board, Kovea® cookstove, and Yeti® 45 cooler are included in the complete package. It’s a mobile kitchen with the essentials you’d expect.

Discovering Road Side Stops

Are you the kind of camper who likes to pull over on a whim to check out roadside attractions? It can be hard to resist the serene setting of a Minnesota lake or the awe-inspiring views from an overlook in the Great Smoky Mountains. We appreciate nature’s beauty just as much as anyone else. Campinawe is built with sustainability in mind making it a natural fit for campers looking to leave a minimal footprint.

Spending time exploring the outdoors and backcountry is the perfect opportunity to learn more about nature. You’re not limited to the place you can go when hauling a Campinawe. Scenic byways and wilderness trails become your playground.

Making the Most of Moments

When it comes to long-distance traveling, hitting the road with a Campinawe in the rearview mirror is a liberating feeling. You’re towing the comforts of home to any destination your heart desires. The only question is, where would you like to explore?

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