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Camping At Its Finest


With decades of experience and generations of proven performance, every aspect of Campinawe was designed to define a higher level of camping. The campinawe sport trailer is built on groundbreaking technology to offer state-of-the-art construction, superior materials, and top of the line features. Endless versatility ensures that you can take everything you need anywhere you want to go. Unsurpassed comfort lets you sleep as well in the wild as you do at home. Intuitive construction eliminates the hassle of maintaining antiquated systems, paying extra for storage, or investing in a vehicle to pull unnecessary weight. Your decision to embark on a journey with uncompromised performance, quality, and freedom is one that will last a lifetime.

Infusion Design

Infusion Design

Imagined and Assembled by

Where Ideas Take Flight

For over twenty-five years, the team at Infusion Design has developed iconic products ranging from Learjet interiors to Ranger sport boats and custom Airstream factory conversions. Infusion serves a network of Fortune 500 companies, high net-worth individuals, and discerning clientele around the world with a reputation built on designing and delivering uncompromising state of the art solutions. In every aspect of campinawe, Infusion has brought the highest level of creativity, expertise and attention to detail to create the ultimate camping experience. We believe that that each time you camp, you deserve the right to do it without compromise and be in awe of everything around you.

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CROFT Trailer supply

Sold and Serviced through

Family Owned Since 1939

George and Lena Croft established the foundation of Croft Trailer Supply as pioneers in the trailer manufacturing industry. Driven by hard work and excellence, Croft has grown through generations and manufactures some of the strongest and safest trailers on the road today. The campinawe chassis is no exception! In addition to supplying over 5,000 industry leading products; campinawe showcases Croft’s product versatility, innovation, integrity and the same attention to craftsmanship that George devoted over eighty years ago. Through this strong heritage, Croft has been delivering unparalleled certified trailers longer than any other industry manufacturer and is THE name to trust as you journey into the wild.

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Croft Trailer Supply

Our Heritage

More Than 100 Years Of Experience

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Between Infusion Design and Croft Trailer Supply, the heritage that stands behind each campinawe is truly unsurpassed. The combination of these two privately owned companies ensures that every campinawe is backed by more than a century’s worth of innovation, experience and dedication. Every campinawe is truly a work of art, every customer is part of the family and every journey is unique. When making a decision on the right equipment for how you want to camp, make sure to choose a proven leader and a company that will be there for you every step of the way.



Preserving The Natural World

We don't believe in destroying the world around us for the sake of camping. We source our wood from 100% sustainably harvested forests and utilize non-gassing adhesives to make sure our carbon footprint is as small as possible. The way we build ensures that we use as much of the same materials as possible, reducing our waste. Beyond this, campinawe is built to last for years, with the goal of leaving no trace when your journey is over.

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NATM Certification

NATM Certified

Producing Safer Products

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Croft Trailer Supply is a National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) Member and is certified through their Compliance Verification Program (CVP). Each campinawe comes with a NATM decal located on the front stating it is certified and in compliance with all federal guidelines and regulations. The teams at Croft Trailer Supply and Infusion Design are fully committed to building safe, reliable and trustworthy products. We know that safer trailers mean safer campers, and safer campers mean safer roadways and campsites across America. 

For more information on the CVP program, visit

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