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Frequently Asked Questions

Sales and Shipping

  • How do I purchase a Campinawe?

    • We handle each customer and work through any questions, concerns, and requests on an individual basis. Please contact our sales team here for more information on how you can own a Campinawe

  • Do you offer financing?

    • Yes, we currently offer financing at rates as little as $249 a month.

  • What is your current lead time?/Are there any Campinawe trailers available now?

    • We try to keep inventory in stock and are constantly building new units. Depending on options and outfitting it usually takes one to two weeks between purchase and pickup/delivery. To see our current in-stock inventory, visit

  • How will my options be installed?

    • All options will be installed post-purchase. Additionally, we are able to retrofit any additional add-ons at a later date as all Campinawe are built the same and can accept all options regardless of build date.

  • Why do your campers have different prices?

    • The reasons for the differences in price are due to varying pre-installed optional equipment (such as awning or A/C unit) and other units have standard equipment excluded from them (like the yeti cooler or trailer brakes)

  • Where can I see one in person?

    • Our showroom is located at 970 North Rogers Road, Olathe KS 66062 and you can come in at any time Mon-Fri: 8:00AM-5:00PM or Sat. 8:00AM- 2:00PM. For an individual meeting with a team member we are more than happy to schedule a time to meet in person.

    • To schedule an appointment, call: (913) 422-0317 or email us at

  • Do you offer shipping?

    • Yes, we offer flatbed shipping across all of the contiguous United States.

  • Are shipping fees included in the camper’s price

    • No, shipping fees are an added cost and vary in price depending on the distance to be shipped.

  • Can I rent a Campinawe?

    • There are Campinawes that you can rent directly from us in Longmont, CO and Fayetteville, AR. We also have  have two additional units in the VanLifeKC fleet in Kansas City, KS. To check availability visit

Sales And Shipping

Options and customization

  • Do you offer an option for air conditioning?

    • Yes, we offer the full installation of the Zero Breeze Mark 2 all-electric air conditioning unit.

  • What kind of custom graphics can you do?

    • We are able to do anything from a full wrap of the trailer, to the inclusion of custom decals or adverts. Please note that prices and completion time vary based on the size and complexity of the graphic components.

  • Is it possible to move the spare tire from underneath the camper?

    • Yes, we are able to install a spare tire carrier to the front auxiliary receiver hitch or attach a custom bracket the driver’s side of the camper just in front of the fender.

  • Can I custom match my wheels?

    • While there are size restrictions for the size of the tire due to the shape and positioning of the fenders, our relationship with Croft Trailer Supply allows us to ensure that the lug pattern could match and suitable rims can be upgraded.

  • Will you be able to add propane system?

    • Yes, we can add propane tank holders upon request.

  • How can we add extra power?

    • In addition to adding extra Renogy power banks, we can install one or two Group 27 batteries to the front of the campinawe and wire power throughout accordingly.

  • Are you able to retrofit options after the Campinawe’s been picked up?

    • Yes. We are more than happy to retrofit any options onto the camper. We just ask that you pre-arrange a date and allow us enough time depending on the addition to be made.

  • Can the Campinawe be lowered in case my garage door is shorter than normal?

    • Depending on the extent it needs to be lowered we may be able to change the pitch of the axle and lower the trailer by a few inches. Although this would lower its overall ground clearance.

Optios And Custom

Amenities and Systems

  • What size is the bed?

    • The gel-infused memory foam mattress is the same 60” x 80” queen sized bed you’d find in any major retailer.

  • Is there a bathroom?

    • There is no interior bathroom. However, we do include a portable toilet, a two stall shower tent, and a fully portable water system with a shower-head.

  • How long does your Renogy battery last?

    • The Renogy power banks that come standard with the Campinawe are capable of powering the camper’s basic features (lights, USB ports, etc.) for approximately 1-2 weeks of normal camping use.

  • How do I charge my Campinawe?

    • Just connect an extension cord into the 110V outlet on the driver’s side of the camper and the Renogy Power Bank is in charge mode.

  • Do you offer any solar power capabilities?

    •  Yes, we currently offer and recommend a Renogy 100W/12V folding solar panel system.

  • How much water can the Campinawe hold?

    • The campinawe comes standard with four 2.5 gallon Aqua-Paks for a total of 10 gallons. You can always add more of these containers or add your own as the portable electric water system is compatible with any container that fits it.

  • Is there a water heater?

    • We do not include a water heater as a standard option but USB heat probes are available online for simple hot water solutions.

  • What size is the cooler storage area?/Can You install a Dometic (electric) fridge?

    • Campinawe comes standard with a Yeti Tundra 45 and can fit a host of powered refrigeration options as long as they are in series with a maximum height of 16.25”.

  • What is needed to maintain the Campinawe?

    • The only required maintenance that is recommended is a yearly check-up of your caulk seams, hubs, and bolts.

Ameities and Systems

Build and capabilities

  • What vehicle do you recommend to tow the Campinawe?

    • In order to get the most out of your camper and its storage space we recommend a vehicle that has a towing capacity of at least 2700 lbs.

  • How off-road capable is the Campinawe?

    • The Campinawe is built on top of the sturdiest powder coated steel chassis you’ll ever find. It is built to withstand the elements and features eighteen inches of ground (frame) clearance, a 3500 lb torsion axle, and All terrain tires.

  • Does the Campinawe come with brakes?

    • Every Campinawe now comes standard with electric brakes as standard equipment.

Build And Capabilities

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