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Where everything matters

Campinawe has been designed from the inside out and the ground up to be the ultimate experience - regardless of your destination!

Standard Features Include:

  • Interior: 55” tall by 5’ 1” wide by 11’ long

  • 6'11" Max Height (fits in a single car garage)

  • Dry Weight:1,910 lbs

  • GVWR: 2,990 lbs

  • GAWR: 3,500 lbs

  • Torsion Axle with Independent Suspension

  • Premium 15” Black Mod Steel Wheels with All Terrain Tires (including spare)

  • Welded Steel Chassis with 18.5" Frame Clearance 

  • Dual Rear Corner Manual Stabilizer Leveling Jacks (for three-point leveling)

  • KYNAR Aluminum Skinned Composite Panels

  • Front Accessory Receiver Hitch (for Customer Supplied auxiliary gear and rack systems)

  • Strut Assist Front Cargo Door

  • Articulating AFT Galley with Integrated Storage, 62" Wide Countertop, and Canopy

  • Selectable Exterior Graphics

  • 25.5 cu ft  Under Bed Strut Assist Storage

  • Gel Infused Memory Foam Full-Sized Queen Mattress

  • 72000mAh 266Wh 12v Power Bank with Integrated Plugs and Two Remote USB Ports

  • 110 City Power Plug

  • Storage, Closet, Water, and Cooler Cabinets 

  • 5 Gallons of On Board Water

  • Water Spray System with Interchangeable Shower/Spray Handles and Pump with Detachable USB Rechargeable Batteries

  • Piston Pump 5.3 Gallon Portable Toilet

  • Kovea Mini Butane Cook Stove

  • YETI Tundra 45 Cooler

  • Removable Cabin Floor Liners

  • Sunbrella Upholstered Cushions and Curtains

  • LED Lighting System

  • Two Year Manufacturer's Warranty


For a full list of features and overview of Campinawe click here

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on YOUR terms

Built like no other

Explore what makes Campinawe special 

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What are YOU
waiting for...

Where the rubber hits the road

CAMPINAWE MSRP: $27,995 fully equipped.


Yes, this price incorporates every detail described such as state-of-the-art materials, construction, and performance. Yes, this also includes all the amenities mentioned like the Yeti cooler, gel-infused memory foam queen mattress, portable toilet, Kovea cookstove, water system with sprayer and shower wands, full-sized matched spare wheel and tire, adjustable hitch, curtains, cushions, and storage pockets with Sunbrella fabric and leather details, removable floor liners and on and on and on. Yes, every detail is special down to our hand-stitched leather key chains. At this price, you won't be disappointed!


We realize that you can purchase other options in this category for less and we realize that there are just as many options that you can purchase for more. Campinawe isn’t for everyone. If you are looking for no compromises in construction, materials, comfort, amenities, and performance at 1,910 pounds dry weight with in excess of 1,050 pounds of cargo weight that can be pulled by most vehicles, stored in a standard single car garage, and go anywhere you want; then CAMPINAWE may just be right for you.


- or even just to come look and get more information -

All you have to do is touch base. When you do get in touch – here’s what you can expect:

  • We will make sure that all of your questions are answered.

  • We will never pressure you to make any decision as only YOU can determine if CAMPINAWE is right for YOU.

  • To look at a unit in person check out our showroom at Croft Trailer Supply.

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970 N. Rogers Road, Olathe, KS 66062


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- Limited Production Slots remaining for 2021 -

Let us answer any questions you may have, reserve your production slot today, schedule a private showing at our facility, or visit the Croft Trailer Supply showroom in Olathe, Kansas.