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Camp Without Limits

Updated: May 12, 2022

Go Where You Want to Go

Imagine your bags are in the car and the GPS is set. You’re ready for endless hours of exploring the mountains or the lakeside. Campinawe makes the journey possible to go where you want to go without limits.

Tow it to the national park you’ve wanted to visit. Drive an unpaved path to a hidden spot to study the stars. Park it next to a lake and go swimming or kayaking. It’s your time to reconnect with nature.

Different than Other Campers

Feeling nervous about towing to your camping destination? Some campers don’t make it easy to tow, or park anywhere. In fact, if you’ve had to tow a larger camper or RV before, you probably had to drive the park numerous times looking for a spot with enough space to accommodate your rig.

Enter the Campinawe. Towing it is so smooth that you may forget you’re even pulling a trailer. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, the Campinawe fits in most tent spots. Its rugged versatility and size keep you from having to reserve a campsite in advance. And because it doesn’t require complicated hookups, it takes only minutes to set up camp leaving you more time to enjoy your vacation.

No More Camping Checklists

RV owners often rely on a lengthy checklist to pack essentials plus extra supplies before hitting the road. The Campinawe comes fully equipped so you don’t have to worry about basic necessities whether you’re on or off grid.

Wouldn’t you rather spend your time planning your vacation rather than reviewing a checklist? The Campinawe’s amenities surpass the industry’s average trailer. We can also customize your camping experience to include extra water storage, increased power supply, bike and roof racks, and an expanded underground clearance.

A shower tent, portable 5.3 gallon toilet, Kovea® cookstove, Yeti® Tundra cooler, and a memory foam mattress are just a few of the amenities that distinguish it from standard trailers. Comfort is key. The Campinawe is designed and built for your needs, it’s ready to go whether it’s a spontaneous trip or well-planned adventure.

Picture this scene. You’ve spent a long day exploring in the sun and you’re headed back to camp. After cleaning up, you’re ready to rehydrate and unwind. The Campinawe’s AC unit is the ticket to comfort, and can be used on and off-grid with its own rechargeable battery. Out of juice but close to a 110V city power outlet? Great! Plug it in and enjoy the breeze.

Prefer to relax outdoors? We’d recommend adding on an expandable awning to escape the sun’s rays when you’re outside the trailer. Some of the best memories are made sitting in the shade swapping stories with people you’ve met at a campsite.

Campinawe’s strong insulation means you don’t have to camp only in the spring or summer months. The precisely cut panels are laminated with aluminum on both sides and skinned with Kynar® making it an all-weather trailer. The hard sided camper walls protect you from wildlife should you decide to trek out into bear country.

Never again will you have to postpone vacation plans. With a Campinawe you have the freedom to travel wherever you want whenever you want. So choose your route and get going. You’ve got places to discover.

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