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Finally, A Teardrop With Loads of Storage

Teardrop campers are often desired because of their easy towability. The lightweight and compact design also means opportunities to venture to the more private camp areas. But that also means that campers have to get pretty creative with their storage solutions to be able to bring what they need for their road trip.

Some common complaints of teardrop trailer Storage include:

  • Literally, no storage space: By a raise of hands, who has toured a teardrop camper only to find one tiny cabinet or maybe a value-added storage net hanging in the corner? Ya, us too.

  • Difficult to access storage: Some teardrop storage solutions are just difficult to access, like storage drawers that are under the bed, which is also under the dinette.

  • Storage that just doesn’t work: Having cabinets is great, unless you can’t fit much more than your small items inside.

  • Flimsy storage compartments: We’ll be frank - a lot of our competitors use flimsy materials making storage spaces susceptible to damage and difficult to keep items secure.

Finally, one thing that really stood out to us in our design process is how much content there is about DIY storage solutions and tips on how to only pack the essentials. We got to thinking - why should you have to worry about necessary storage space when you’re investing in a travel trailer?

Teardrop Storage done right

You don’t have to buy a bigger camper to get a smarter solution. With the Campinawe, we took a standard teardrop trailer design and innovated it to not only double the interior space for comfort, but offer 5-10X as much dedicated storage space.

Some key Campinawe Storage Features Include:

  • Dedicated Storage Space: We have cabinets that are really cabinets, shelves that are really shelves. Keep your gear secure with more than 58-cubic feet of dedicated storage.

  • Easy to Access: The Campinawe’s intuitive design ensures that there are no awkward corners or hard-to-reach spaces. Even the under the bed storage is easily accessible with a strut-assisted door.

  • Protected Gear: We only use non-organic materials to line our insulation, eliminating mold, rot and deterioration. Additionally, a 11-gauge powder coated steel chassis ensures rodents, bugs and additional moisture can’t get in.

  • Sustainable Storage Solutions: While many competitors use endangered hardwood, we only use 100% sustainably harvested Indonesian Hardwood, which is known for its strength in high usage situation.

Camping Storage In Action

So what does all this storage look like in action? We’re so glad you asked. We packed the Campinawe to the brim with standard amenities and the comforts of home. Check out our latest video and let us know - how would you fill your Campinawe?

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