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Finally, A Teardrop With A Real Foundation

Did you know every mile you travel is a mini-earthquake on your camper?

Especially with teardrop trailers where the camper-style is not synonymous with the word, stability.

Although the size lends itself to being an easier-to-tow camper, teardrops are often known to sway on the highway or bounce excessively on uneven surfaces, which can limit the length and location of any road trip.

Other complaints about the stability of a teardrop camper could include:

  • Poor center of gravity: A lot of teardrop solutions put the weight toward the back of the camper with showers, kitchenettes and additional cabinetry. This means that the center of gravity is off, increasing the swaying effect.

  • Cheap jacks: If your camper isn’t stabilized while parked you run the risk of tipping over or at the very least, an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

  • Wheels are too small: Like on your own vehicle, you have to have the right wheels for a safe ride. Poor suspension: Without a suspension system that can handle the weight of the camper and the added gear, you’ll find yourself slow moving to avoid a rough ride.

  • Weak structure: Most of our competitors rely on aluminum tube chassis, which are very lightweight but do not provide the same structure, stability and center of gravity.

When you’re worried about how to drive your camper, what you’re really doing is burning time and fuel to make sure you get to your destination safely. And when you’ve already invested in the camper of your dreams - why would you also want to sacrifice your peace of mind?

What Holds a Teardrop Trailer’s Value?

Your camper’s durability and ability to maintain value is rooted in a solid foundation. At Campinawe, we prioritized crafting the market’s strongest chassis in partnership with industry leader, Croft Trailer Supply, in order to address common road safety concerns, which include:

  • Aerodynamic design that distributes the weight more evenly, reduces swaying, keeps your gear intact, and doesn’t affect your fuel economy.

  • A 3,500 lbs Dexter Torsion Axle with independent suspension allows for a smoother ride and safer driving conditions. In fact, we’re one of the only NATM certified campers to meet federal motor vehicle standards for trailer safety.

  • 15-Inch Black Mod steel wheels with all terrain tires are durable enough for off road adventures, and we even include an undermount matched spare!

  • Durable powder coated steel frame keeping the chassis protected from off-road and extreme weather conditions, as well as rodents and bugs.

  • Built-in Integrated dual rear corner manual leveling stabilizer jacks to make even the most uneven surfaces a spot to sleep.

Choose a Camper with a Strong Foundation

When you’re evaluating comparable teardrops on the market today, we ask you to consider the foundation you’re purchasing. While other campers come at half the cost or flash multi-purpose spaces for kitchen, living and bathroom - we focused on what holds the value of a camper year after year, and that starts with a strong foundation.

Check out our video to learn more about the Campinawe chassis and the features of a strong foundation you should want in your next purchase.

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