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Finally, A Spacious Teardrop Trailer

Teardrop trailers are a great travel option because typically, you don’t need a heavy duty vehicle to tow one and you won’t have as much maintenance as even a small RV. However, while the small size of a teardrop trailer might be desired, usually what camper owners give up is comfort and convenience.

Some common complaints of teardrop trailers include:

  • Too small: Teardrop trailers are typically designed for two people, but most interiors don’t offer much space for each person to truly stretch.

  • Not enough storage space: Teardrop trailers typically have limited storage space, meaning that you need to be strategic about what you pack

  • Uncomfortable Spaces: A bed that’s a table, a net that hangs from the ceiling to hold small items, a shower space that doubles as a closet - teardrop owners are used to having to work for their comfort.

A Teardrop Trailer With Both Comfort and Convenience

We like the outdoors, but we also like a good night’s rest. When we set out to design the Campinawe, we were really out to shake up a 60-year old teardrop camper design that has never prioritized comfort or convenience beyond its small size. With our aviation background, we knew there were ways to modernize this approach without adding to the standard size or weight.

The Campinawe addresses the common problems of a teardrop trailer:

  • Double the interior space: A tall entryway that opens into a mudroom and a dedicated sleeping area, perfect for two adults.

  • 5-10x the amount of dedicated storage: With easy to access shelves, cabinets, under the bed storage and an outdoor kitchen galley, you won’t need DIY storage solutions aboard the Campinawe.

  • Effortless comfort: Every Campinawe comes equipped with a real queen-sized mattress that requires no effort to set-up. Additionally, a large hatch window opens up the space further to catch a breeze during an afternoon rest, or for stargazing at night.

Spacious, Yet Easy to Store

Another key benefit of owning a teardrop camper is that you can typically store one at home. For many owners, this means simply covering the camper and leaving it out in the elements. For others, it means spending a couple hundred dollars a month to store securely.

With Campinawe, you get all the room for comfort without needing to pay storage fees. While we were able to increase the interior space inside, we kept the overall trailer size small enough to where it can fit in a standard garage. See specs here.

They say great things come in small packages, in the case of the Campinawe, we would agree. Comfort, convenience and a money saver! Why would you choose anything else?

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