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Couple Enjoys Making Memories on the Road with Campinawe

For Travis and Miriam Hardesty, purchasing a Campinawe trailer was an easy decision. They were the first Campinawe buyers and remain happy users of the trailer, thanks to its easy-to-use capability and modern amenities.

The Central Missouri couple wanted a trailer that would be easier to use than a 20 foot travel trailer and more spacious than other teardrop models. They also wanted the trailer because it allows them to enjoy dispersed camping without hookups. If they're going to take off to a national park, Idaho, Montana, or the Northwest, they can travel to primitive sites on a whim.

“We go to places that are far away, you don’t drag a 20 foot and 30 foot trailer over mountain passes. It’s just too difficult. Just pulling in to get gas or food, you’ve got to turnaround and get into tight spots, which isn’t always easy. When I’m on vacation, I don’t want it to be stressful,” said Travis. “If you can drive you a car, you pull a Campinawe.”

The Campinawe was the couple’s third teardrop trailer and their final choice for camping vehicles. They appreciate its rugged construction and the ability to tow it off-grid.

“The chassis was so rugged and well built; there’s not another chassis in the industry that really matches what Campinawe,” said Travis. The trailer’s interior design was also a top selling point for the couple.

“If you just look at the camper features itself, the most important feature it offers you is that you could actually enter the camper and you could stand up; change your clothes without laying on the bed,” said Travis. “The other thing that was really important about the features is that they provided a space for toileting.”

Unlike other teardrop trailers, Campinawe differentiates itself by including amenities one doesn’t always find. “It had closet space. We didn’t have to worry about charging six or 12-volt batteries, and it had the Yeti cooler as opposed to something that had to be plugged in,” said Travis.

And what makes their story unique is that they pulled up to Campinawe in their truck, towing their old camper behind them on the day they bought their new trailer. Once they discovered the value of a Campinawe, the decision was simple. According to Travis, they felt like they were entering into a family.

“Sean, Jamie, and Tim were there. You know, they went over everything very thoroughly because they built it,” said Travis. “So that speaks to something that is really important to me. I said ‘I’m all in’ because it’s made right here where I live by people that I know, and I’m part of something other than my own camping experience.”

Aside from choosing a well-built, thoughtfully constructed trailer, the Hardesty’s wanted to work with a company that provided responsive customer service.

“If I’m going to spend my money, I want to spend my money with people...personal contact with the owner. I can call those guys anytime I need to. No system or call center,” said Travis.

Once on the road, the Hardesty’s know to expect other campers to ask about their trailer. It wouldn’t be the first time. They’re happy to talk shop with them.

“There was one lady that came up and wanted a hand-on look-through at the Lake of the Ozarks. She was intrigued by it,” said Miriam.

The trailer’s modern decision turns heads and prompts questions. “If we go to a campground, we’re always ready to give tours. ‘Is that a Tesla?’ was the first comment I got. It gets lots of attention,” said Travis.

Some of their fondest memories using the Campinawe include bringing family along for the adventure. Travis invited his 80-year-old father and son to go trout fishing. “Because of the comfort of the mattress, he (dad) was able to go. It was a really nice experience," said Travis.

On another occasion, they took their grandkids camping. They positioned the trailer in the center of the campsite with tents up around it “like a compound.”

"The trailer’s spacious storage provided enough room to hold all the gear for three adults and six kids."

And when the trailer is parked at home, it takes on a new use. “Two grandkids at a time get to sleep in Campinawe when it’s parked behind the house. It’s going to be a fond memory of the grandkids is staying at grandma and grandpa’s.”

When asked what they would say to someone who was contemplating purchasing a Campinawe, Travis was quick to answer.

“I would say that the entire experience of purchasing, owning, and using the Campinawe has been fulfilling and gratifying in every way you can imagine.”

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